giovedì 17 maggio 2012

It's time

This blog thing has been over my head for quite a while, I think the idea popped up in my head during one of those night without sleep watching a Bobcats game… Yes suddenly I’m a fan of Charlotte Bobcats.
In another of that nights without sleep, I was commenting a Lakers – Spurs game and I really can’t stop writing about that and that made me realize… I can share what I wrote with much more people, ask them what they think about it and I can try my English skill and that isn’t a bad thing at all.

That been said

We have a really low-point Conference Semifinals, out of the eight game played, only three of that reached the hundred point, and in that case the team won.
I think that the Miami – Indiana series showed the lower field goal % of both team, when Miami wants, first of all when LeBron wants, can show a really powerful defense, but at this moment they have a really low field goal %, and James don’t takes the last shot. But we will see if tonight will be different.
One last thing I think the Lakers – Thunder series will be great!

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